Instructor - H. Eric Chuang



(Class Available in English/Chinese Mandarin)


Eric Chuang served in the United States Military for over 15 years, as a former Marine and currently in the US Army. His training background has been extensive and diverse, including Close Quarter Combat, Demolitions, and Combat Rifle and Pistol Skills on the military side, as well as an NRA instructor on the civilian side. Eric has specialized instructor certifications from the US Army, US Marines, and the NRA      

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, immigrating to the United States in 1989, Eric grew up in California; he enlisted in the US Marines shortly after high school from 1997-2001. Eric served in the First Marine Division in Camp Pendleton, CA, which included overseas tours with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit and oversea service in Okinawa, Japan. Currently, he is serving with the US Army as a Combat Engineer Drill Sergeant, focusing on transforming young men and women into physically fit, mentally tough US Army Soldiers.  Eric also works as an OC/T, Observer-Coach/Trainer, in order to get soldiers ready for overseas deployment. Eric is a veteran of Operation Spartan Shield and Operation Enduring Freedom       

Eric has worked with multiple state and federal agencies as well as private sectors to develop and implement force on force training to enhance teamwork, personal safety and hone on the job skills. 

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